Détails de l'événement.

ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) has become an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. There is no question that AI will have an impact on all sectors, our private life as well as on society as a whole. A new study undertaken by McKinsey that looks at the AI potential for Europe’s digital 9 frontrunners – countries chosen based on their advanced digital infrastructure and strong corporate buy-in – finds that the countries can be successful in the domain of AI as long as scale is applied and collaboration is ensured. It recommends that the countries focus on key areas, such as promoting data access and ensuring that the necessary talent is in place in order to unlock AI’s potential. The Benelux, with its longstanding history of cooperation in a wide variety of policy domains, can provide this scale and has the potential to offer a FastTrack for the rollout of AI in those key areas.

On Wednesday 10 February 2021, from 10-13h, the national AI coalitions of the Benelux-countries – public-private collaborations that have been set-up to solve remaining issues in a wide variety of areas where AI has a large impact – will come together to deep dive into specific AI challenges in order to exchange best practices, compare different approaches and look at possibilities for future cross-border cooperation at Benelux level.

Belgian State Secretary for Digitalisation, Mr Mathieu Michel, will kick-off the event, after which McKinsey will present its latest study on Europe’s digital 9 frontrunners with a focus on the challenges and opportunities for the Benelux region.

Following the plenary part, participants can join specific breakout sessions on AI4GOV, AI Ethics / Human Centric AI, Data Governance and The Future of Work. A plenary wrap-up with conclusions and a key note speech by Cécile Huet, deputy Head of Unit Robotics & AI at the European Commission, are foreseen at the end.

The event will be facilitated by day moderator Julie Scherpenseel, ML6 & Young ICT Lady of the Year / AI4Belgium advisory board member.