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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing in all areas of our society, including the public sector. Used in government, intelligent systems can improve the quality and efficiency of public services, contribute to cost savings and more effective policies. For the citizen, it can reduce the ‘digital divide’ and enhance accessibility, provide useful recommendations to help them and to simplify their administrative procedures, or to speed up the processing of information or decision-making. At the same time, particular attention must be paid to the ethical dimension in the design of algorithms in order to guarantee their appropriate application, and to avoid, among others, the reinforcement of discriminatory biases.


  • WelcomeBen Smeets, Chairman of the FPS Policy & Support (BOSA)
  • Introduction & presentation of the objectives of the working groupNathanaël Ackerman, AI4Belgium Lead & AI Expert at FPS BOSAChristine Copers, Innovation Manager at DG Digital Transformation
  • Keynote: Presentation of the AI Watch report - Artificial Intelligence in Public Services within EuropeColin Van Noordt, AI in Government Expert at the European CommissionFranscesco Pignatelli, Joint Research Center, European CommissionQ&A
  • Keynote: AI for the Common Good initiativeProf. Hugues Bersini (ULB)Q&A
  • Presentation of several existing projects within the Belgian administrationIf you want to present a case, please contact nathanael.ackerman@bosa.fgov.be.
  • Open discussion on the common objectives of the working group

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