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Insurance companies: create a competitive advantage with AI

Speaker: Kevin Françoisse, Sagacify CEO

Special guest: Xavier de Launois, D.A.S. COO

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is bringing a wealth of new opportunities to disrupt business processes and business models. The insurance sector is no exception. Today, and more than ever due to COVID-19 sanitary crisis, the need for automation has never been so important. For example, integrating AI technologies into insurance processes allows to solve their main challenges like improving customer experience and improving operational efficiency.

This webinar intents to go beyond marketing speeches and showcases real integration of AI systems in production. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

The top 5 use cases every insurer should know about and what their real business benefits are.

The common pitfalls to make sure AI projects go beyond the proof of concept phase and are successfully deployed in production.

Essential advices and indispensable tips to manage successfully the change in the organisation related to such transformation.

Our guest speaker, DAS COO, Xavier de Launois, will share their transformational story of leveraging AI technology with Sagacify across different business units, and achieving high automation performances for different use cases.

If you are working in the insurance sector and looking to get ready for the insurance of tomorrow, this webinar is for you.