Détails de l'événement.

Forum Europe’s 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence conference will gather some 1000 participants from around Europe and beyond to examine what the proposals should look like, focussing on the following key areas:

  • How to govern AI in an EU way, through ecosystems of trust and excellence, and how this will fit with global AI governance;
  • The state of play as to how emerging EU and member state rules will interact, and whether there is now a danger of fragmentation and divergence within Europe;
  • Developing common standards and definitions, particularly around conformity assessments and concepts of high-risk applications;
  • The further development of data availability, sharing, and collaboration concepts, alongside emerging cloud architectures and cooperations, and what they will mean for AI roll-out in Europe. 

This year’s event will feature a significant focus on AI and its potential to deliver positive impacts in the area of health and disease prevention and will look ahead to new rules on clarifying AI liability coming later in the year.