Détails de l'événement.

Talks and Panel Discussion (6pm CET)

  1. We're welcoming Climate Change AI for the first talk of the evening. CCAI is a global non-profit organization that published a seminal paper on ML & climate change in 2019.Evan Sherwin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Energy at Stanford University and core member at CCAI, he will give the first talk present a broad overview of ML applications that impact Climate Change.(Can't wait for the event? Go to https://www.climatechange.ai, read the paper, and subscribe to their newsletter!)
  2. During the second talk of the evening, Thomas Vrancken from ML6 will enlighten us all about offshore wind energy forecasting by a case they've been working on recently(Did you know Northern Europe is the world's epicenter of offshore wind energy production!?)
  3. In the last talk of the evening, we are welcoming Barak Chizi, PhD, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at KBC. We'll learn social responsibility at KBC, and how they use AI to understand the carbon footprint of financial assets.After the three talks, we'll have a 15' group discussion with all speakers.

Networking (7:15pm CET)

We'll try to keep the discussion going with 3x15minute Zoom Breakouts that randomize everyone into small groups (3-5 people). We'll facilitate the breakout sessions via icebreaker questions and challenge statements via a public Miro board.

Just interested in the talks? You're free to call it a day and skip the breakout sessions. :)

In The Pocket kindly provides the technical support! :thanks:


[final note: The Zoom link will be shared on the day of the event.]