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But what does AI mean for the world of maintenance and asset management? Which AI applications already have a proven added value on the performance, reliability and maintenance of industrial assets? To answer these questions, Agoria and BEMAS organise an interesting webinar in which 3 concrete use cases are presented. Get inspired and discover what AI can bring to your organisation as well...

1. SPG Dry Cooling (SPGDC): Digital transformation journey - success story of redefining power plant performance

SPG Dry Cooling is a designer/supplier/builder of air cooled condensers (ACC’s). Wherever you have a power plant with a steam cycle you need to cool the steam to create vacuum at the outlet of the steam turbine to increase the electrical output of the power plant. SPG Dry Cooling developed, in cooperation with The Grain, their ACC360®, a ground-breaking cloud-based advanced analytics solution that guarantees the highest availability and efficiency of the ACC and steam cycle in power plants.

Speakers: Frédéric Anthone, Manager Aftermarket (SPG DC) & Steven Raekelboom, Innovation & Technology Director (The Grain)

2. TENNECO: Better, Faster, Stronger: Improving the OEE of complex industrial equipment with AI

Tenneco produces car components on advanced automated assembly lines. By analysing the PLC signals alone, using AI-powered data analytics tools, early signs of future technical issues and upcoming throughput bottlenecks can automatically be detected before it's too late. The same tool allows for faster diagnostic of the root cause of the issues, targeted equipment improvements and more.

Speaker: Jan Verhasselt, Managing Director @Yazzoom

3. Third use case to be confirmed soon