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Un événement virtuel où vous pourrez découvrir les dernières solutions en Intelligence Artificielle appliquées au secteur industriel.

"The development of smart factories, with unprecedented levels of automation and robotisation, is transforming the business value chain and, transversally, the economy. All this transformation is possible thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, a technology that is estimated to drive growth in all European economic activities by an average of around 20% by 2030, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, and which will soon be managing 85% of customer interaction.

Big Data and AI are driving Industry 4.0 . Intelligent software solutions can use the high volumes of data generated by a factory to identify trends and patterns that can then be used to make manufacturing processes more efficient and reduce their energy consumption.

At the AI for Industry International Congress , you will discover new projects and developments that are emerging as a driving force for change in all sectors and that are setting the technological agenda for all companies, whatever their size."

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