Digital Wallonia.
We are transforming Wallonia.

Digital Wallonia embodies the digital ambition of Wallonia.
Digital Wallonia comes in three complementary concepts
and inseparable: strategy, platform and brand.

Wallonia Digital Strategy.

Digital Wallonie is Wallonia's digital strategy, supported by the Walloon Government.

Officially launched in December 2015, it was updated in 2018 and 2021. Acting as a structuring regional framework, it ensures the coherence and sustainability of digital policies.

It is integrated into the General Policy Declaration (DPR) of the Walloon Government for the 2019-2024 legislature. Several of its structuring programs will benefit from significant resources within the framework of the Wallonia Recovery Plan drawn up following the health crisis.

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5 majors ambitions

The Digital Wallonia strategy is broken down into five major ambitions which ensure the consistency and sustainability of the policies implemented.

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Digital Wallonia platform.

The Digital Wallonia platform is the showcase for digital Wallonia and its digital ecosystems .

A place of convergence, structuring and promotion of digital programs, initiatives and players, it offers many services: sectoral maps, international missions, studies and digital maturity barometers, calls for projects, agenda, press review, etc. resources are collectively managed and accessible through APIs. The Digital Wallonia platform marks a breakthrough in the monitoring and management of public policies in Wallonia, in a real logic of territorial intelligence.

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Digital Wallonia Brand.

The Digital Wallonia brand aims to embody and represent Digital Wallonia.

Its objective is to unite the actors and initiatives, public and private, engaged in the implementation of the Digital Wallonia strategy and, more generally, in the transformation digital of Wallonia. Supported by many partners, it is the flag of digital Wallonia on the map national and international.

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Since its launch, Digital Wallonia has relied on a large network of partners.

Nearly 200 public and private actors are involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of the digital strategy. Digital Wallonia's operational programs systematically involve the identification of the most relevant actors for their development, implementation and management.

This collaborative dynamic is also reflected through the network of Digital Wallonia Champions.

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