Published on 6 mai 2019

In collaboration with AWEX, Digital Wallonia proposes a programme of international missions and develops a network of international hubs responsible for supporting Walloon companies in their international development.

Developing the international dimension of Walloon’s digital sector

When drawing up Digital Wallonia’s digital strategy, Conseil du Numérique insisted that the development of the Walloon digital sector extend beyond regional and even national markets. It is essential that Walloon businesses have an international dimension.

This objective is manifested in the implementation of a network of Digital Wallonia international hubs, in collaboration with AWEX. The aim is, eventually, to have a dozen of these Digital Wallonia international hubs in cities and regions that have a high level of digital innovation. These hubs will offer a preferential point of contact for Walloon start-ups and businesses in the digital sector, facilitating their relationship with local communities and leading to accelerated growth of their activities.

Objectives of Digital Wallonia International

The main objectives of Digital Wallonia International’s hubs are:

  • To ensure the international visibility and dissemination of Digital Wallonia’s digital strategy within the more general context of the objective to promote Wallonia and Walloon businesses.
  • To develop the international reputation of the Digital Wallonia brand.
  • To integrate Walloon digital ecosystems with international digital ecosystems, thus facilitating exchange of experience and research into new markets for Walloon businesses.
  • To identify and support communities of Walloon entrepreneurs in the digital sector who take part in the top events in the world of digital innovation.
  • To offer Walloon businesses (and particularly start-ups) access to international sources and mechanisms of finance, particularly in collaboration with W.IN.G
  • To facilitate access by our businesses to the top events in the digital technology calendar (for example, Mobile World Congress and the Smart City Expo in Barcelona).
  • To boost exchanges between innovative third place initiatives (for example, the use of coworking centres to facilitate the creation of Walloon start-ups under the tutelage of local support structures).
  • To develop a network with other Francophone or equivalent European initiatives to share efforts and resources.
  • To monitor technological and business developments on behalf of Walloon businesses and inform them about digital ecosystems abroad.

Designation of new Digital Wallonia’s international hubs

In 2017, the following cities have been designated Digital Wallonia’s international hubs, in collaboration with the AWEX :  San Francisco, Barcelona, Shenzhen, Montréal, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Singapour, Paris, London & Stockholm.

AWEX at the heart of the scheme

Digital Wallonia International is part of “2016, AWEX year of digital technology”. This initiative will increase the visibility of many actions that have already been carried out.

AWEX will make its expertise and resources available to Digital Wallonia International. And specific resources will be provided to the hubs that have been established.