Renaud De Landtsheer

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Routing is the process of finding the optimal route(s) from a starting point (factory, warehous, etc) to different destinations. Planning is the process of organizing routing in the best possible order, while taking into account operational or business constraints (vehicle capacity, traffic, time slots, etc.)

As a result of recent research projects, the CETIC team has developed algorithms to optimize roadmaps. The applications are multiple. For exemple:

  • optimize the cost of transport and deliveries
  • optimize staff roadmaps (technicians, deliverers, etc.)
  • automatically suggest carpooling
  • optimize mobility centers

This workshop will present the OscaR.cbls tool developed at CETIC, and its applications in vehicle routing. Emphasis will be placed on the flexibility and adaptability of algorithms to specific business constraints and on the integration between decision algorithms and mapping algorithms.

There will also be a demonstration of the RoutaR platform with presentation of two use cases.


  • 10h30 - Welcome and presentation of Walhub
  • 10h45 - Vehicle routing problems with constraints specific to the transport and logistics professions (Renaud de Landtsheer - Head of department at CETIC
  • 11h30 - Presentation of the OSCAR.CBLS tool and the RoutaR platform (Renaud de Landtsheer and Fabian Germeau - Research Engineer at CETIC)
  • 11h45 - Q&A
  • 12h00 - Light lunch and networking