Détails de l'événement.

The overall objective is to gather international experts in order to set up a joint community linking both cutting-edge technologies. Come and discover the latest developments in AI and EO at European and local levels. More than 25 talks are planned covering the latest information on research, infrastructure, business and funding.

The aim of this first conference is to mix Belgian and Luxembourg actors of the Earth Observation (EO) sector with experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even though the introduction of AI in the Space sector is gradually becoming a fact, it is interesting to have a closer look at the future interaction between both areas of expertise.

The recent progress and revolution in the field of AI technologies are a real asset to meet the current and future needs of the Space industry while the EO activities with their limitless amount of satellites or in-situ data offer a new playground to the AI world.

A close cooperation between AI and EO should result in a win-win situation.

Why Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation ?

Satellite and drone imagery based applications are gradually but too slowly finding their way into regional and national end-user markets such as agriculture, energy, forestry, logistics and insurances.Until now, the huge amount of data and the cost related to their analysis remain the major barriers to the widespread use of EO based services.

Artificial intelligence seems to be THE solution for analyzing quickly and efficiently long time series of Earth observation in order to respond more efficiently to opportunities and challenges for the detection, identification and mapping of terrestrial phenomena.

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